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How much will my visit cost?

We are unable to give you an exact price for your travel center visit prior to your visit because each destination or itinerary is different.

How long will my visit take?

Set aside plenty of time for your visit (90 – 120) minutes including time to receive your vaccinations. You may have health conditions that require more time for thorough evaluation. Please be on time! Our providers see other patients in addition to travel center patients. Your promptness assures that everyone gets the time they need. There are travel center forms to fill out prior to your actual visit. Allow 30 minutes to fill out these forms prior to your appointment time. Or download your form from our website and have it ready before your visit.

When should I schedule my appointment?

Schedule your appointment early! We recommend that you see us a minimum of two months before your date of departure. This provides plenty of time to complete any necessary vaccines.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring any records you may have of vaccines given in the past to you and your child. This will greatly assist us in evaluating your vaccine needs.

In the event a vaccine series is given, a $15 Injection fee per vaccination will be added on to the cost of the vaccine at the time of the return visit (s)

Can I just get the shots that I want or do I have to have a consultation?

We strive to be much more than just a “shot clinic”. Education and therapeutics are key elements in keeping travelers as safe as possible. We do not provide vaccines without an educational consultation.

What does a visit consist of?

We go over your itinerary and personal medical history. We discuss guidelines that help keep all travelers safe, and educate you on the requirements and recommendations for your specific destination. Any immunizations that are needed are given, prescriptions may be written for malaria prevention, altitude sickness prevention, and treatment of traveler’s diarrhea.

Can I come in if I have an illness after I have traveled internationally?

Yes. We have many resources to help diagnose and treat illnesses that have been acquired while traveling.



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